Wicked Art Pink Sponges - Large
Wicked Art Pink Sponges - Large

Wicked Art Pink Sponges - Large

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Not all face and body art sponges are created equal.  And as a main tool for your artwork we suggest the best sponge. This dark pink sponge is the favorite of many master face painting artists for use to create blending with a smooth even airbrushed look.  

A superior choice for semi-moist face and body painting makeup, as well as gum or wax based face paints.  Excellent for use with drier cake makeups, foundations, pan sticks and pressed powders too.

This sponge loads a good deal of makeup and pigment and releases face paint easily. This pink sponge offers excellent spring providing for an easy on the hand experience. 

Some artists trim to contour their sponges, this Always Wicked Art pink sponge trims up nicely for smooth blending 

Each sponge is a half round.

Size: 2 14/16" x 1 2/16" x 1 5/16 

This is the sponge that others strive to copy. Be happy, and spend wisely buy the original.