Wolfe Essentials 30/45


    Wolfe Face Art & FX Essentials are the original durable rich pigment face and body paints that started it all. With a full color line of special effects colors, Wolfe is one of very few face and body paints that come in special effects character colors.

    Wolfe Essentials all have vibrant color that provides excellent coverage and are completely opaque. The makeup is easy to apply and when properly applied, and covers large area's of skin with very little product. The makeup gives a smooth, even effect, will remain unblemished throughout the day, and accepts makeup sealing sprays well.

    The makeup is ideal for long make-up sessions where fast quality work is required, and it's perfect for carefully planned designs such as competitions or photo shoots. Once applied, the makeup will not smear under normal circumstances, remains bright and colorful, and is comfortable to wear. 

    The Essentials are easy to work with and provide the exact effect and coverage you are looking for. This is highly pigmented water activated paint for use with sponge and brush. These Essential colors fulfill your everyday needs. Wolfe FX is the top choice for line work and crisp details. They are used and hailed worldwide by top artists.

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