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Stipple Sponge 3 Pack

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These open weave, textured sponges are used to create effects like beard stubble, or FX skin textures and makeup effects. The Stipple Sponge Makeup Applicator is used to create various stubble effects for theatrical makeup, but can also be used to blend makeup.

Stipple Sponge Makeup Applicators are used by Special Effects Makeup Artists to create a broken blood vessel look, texture on aliens or other creatures. These sponges are great to add scrapes and scratches and apply blood effects products, use with bruise and burn wheels for added texture. 

Face and body painters use the sponge to add details to dragons, mermaid tails and pirate face art or shapes and textures looks in body art painting. 

The Stipple Sponge Makeup Applicator is a useful addition to any makeup kit. Cut to shape if desired.
These Mehron Stipple Sponge Applicators come in a pack of three sponges.

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