Stainless Steel Rinse Bucket for Face Painting Extreme Makeup FX shows contiur shape bucke with lid and locking clamps on top
Stainless Steel Rinse Bucket - 24 oz - Extreme Makeup FX

Stainless Steel Rinse Bucket - 24 oz

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A Stainless Steel Rinse Bucket with a secure locking lid! This incredible bucket is designed to be completely water-tight, giving you peace of mind when transporting it. Whether you're off to a job or a party, simply snap on the lid, pack it up, and you're good to go!

No more worrying about leaks or finding a place to dump dirty water. This bucket is perfect for face painting at parties, as it's just the right size. Our talented artists even recommend using two buckets for longer events or a two-step rinse process. The first bucket is great for the initial dirty rinse, while the second bucket provides a cleaner rinse cycle.

What makes this bucket truly unique is its inner stainless steel vented well. This amazing feature allows you to easily wipe your brushes across the surface, while keeping the top layer of water clear as pigments drop to the bottom of the bucket.

Designed for use with solvents and holding liquids, this metal rinse bucket is a versatile tool. The locking lid with an inner seal ensures that no fumes escape and there's no spillage. It's compatible with a variety of liquids such as 99% alcohol, Airbrush Restorer, Encore FUEL Activator, BIC Activator, ProLong, and more.

But most importantly, it's perfect for carrying face painting water into and out of events effortlessly. Invest in the Stainless Steel Rinse Bucket with Locking Lid today and discover the convenience and reliability it offers. Say goodbye to worries and hello to a hassle-free experience.

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