White brush with small sponge head for face painting stencils and makeup application
Sponge Dauber Applicator Brush

Sponge Dauber Applicator Brush

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Face Painters love this brush.  So handy for face painting stencils and quick designs.

This Sponge Brush has a nice fat head and hold a good deal of face paint. It loans its self well to both dabbing on the makeup and it slides easily over the stencil bridges to not catch on edges. 

Rinses out easily to change colors if desired.

The handle is not to big and not too small, it is light and comfortable to hold for a long day of face painting.

Easy to wash, Easy to use. we suggest you get two one warms colors and on for cool. Tray one for a nice solid color like black or our favorite Wolfe plum and one for yellow or light blue. 

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