Simply Stencils Glitter Tattoos Stencils - Small
Simply Stencils Glitter Tattoos Stencils - Small
Simply Stencils Glitter Tattoos Stencils - Small

Simply Stencils Glitter Tattoos Stencils - Small

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 EMFX Simply Stencils Glitter Tattoo Stencils with designs for everyone.

Stencils are listed as separate products by size. Be sure to check our other sizes

We have been designing and cutting our own stencils since 2009. With so many designs it may take us sometime to get them all online. If there is a genre you are looking for  and do not see we welcome inquires.

Glitter Tattoos, Adhesive Stencils are sold six stencils to a pack and cut on black matte vinyl to fit with the look of any kit.

Our stencils coming in designs for two levels of artists Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advance.  Our designs are open and simply easy to use with now or few floaters and details for those who need fast easier designs, and we have more detailed designs for those more experienced in using Glitter Tattoos Stencils. 

The best thing about our stencils is the sizing. Simply Stencils are sized properly to fit all sizes of bodies. We. Have minis, petite, small, medium, medium large, large, extra large and giant. We also have body, face and specialty body art stencils. 

Design Sizes are an approximate and may vary a bit by design. A design may be the same in diameter such as a peace sign but most designs vary by width and length for this reason our size names  are listed within and approximate. We list each design description by actual size width by height or for long designs length by height. 


Minis: 1”x1” Designed to fit everyone, a little design for small kids and just for fun.

Petite: Average 1.7” Many designs are 1.5”x1.9” Made to fit most young children. Just a bit smaller than the average designs on the market. These design are perfect for your birthday parties and busy business events. 

Small: Average Designs are 2” up to 2.5”.  This size compares to most standard designs on the market.

Medium:  Designs are between 2.7” to 3” 

Medium Large: Designs are between 3.2” to 4.2” 

Large: Designs are between 4.5 to 5.5”