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ProAiir Solids Palettes water-proof mfx makeup six palettes in a variety of colors at Extreme Makeup FX

ProAiir Solids Palette - Wicked

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This FX Makeup Palette offers long lasting makeup looks and will assure that your looks stay put. ProAiir Solids are a hybrid makeup in solid cake form. Solids deliver all the same great features as ProAiir hybrid airbrush makeup, they are water-resistant, sweat-resistant, and smudge-proof.

For an opaque look this fast-drying makeup is best activated with ProLong. You can use 91-99% IOS Alcohol to work the makeup into a liquid-like state.

ProAiir Solids Palettes offer up a handy solution for creating FX character looks. Choose a few to make your makeup production and application an easy and fast process.

Combinations include SFX for monsters and gore, bright kids and festival looks along with UV reactive colors for a variety of your needs.

Wicked Palette Colors: Bone, Pale Dead, Head Stone, Dirt, Road Rash, & Vascular


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