blue uv reactive airbrush makeup for face and body painting art atomic biohazard blue by proaiir
hand holding atomic blue face body airbrush face body paint
ProAiir Hybrid UV Dayglow - Atomic - Extreme Makeup FX
hands holding bottles of atomic uv airrbrush face body paint with painted on colors of swatches on arms
ProAiir Hybrid 2 oz Atomic-UV Dayglow-Biohazard Blue

ProAiir Hybrid 2 oz Atomic-UV Dayglow-Biohazard Blue

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ProAiir™ airbrush face and body painting makeup glides effortlessly through the brush at a low PSI. It offers long-lasting wear and a comfortable feel.

The "Atomic" shades dry with a striking and lively appearance. When applied in natural light, these colors appear opaque with a neon-like brilliance. In the presence of black lights, the Atomic colors react to UV and emit a vibrant glow.

The Neon Day Glow Atomic Colors include Gamma Green, Radiation Red, Biohazard Blue, Uranium Yellow, Plutonium Pink, and Isotope Orange. You have the option to purchase Atomic colors a variety of sizes in sets or individual bottles.

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