Bottle 2 ounce of green uv reactive airbrush face body paint called gamma green
flesh color hand holding bottle of green fac ebody paint makeup with exposed arm showing color swatch
flesh hands holdong face body paint proaiir airbrush makeing with color swatchs on arms in uv atomic colors
extreme makeup proaiir airbrush face body paint six atomic uv neoan colors in 2 ounce bottles

ProAiir Hybrid 2 oz UV Dayglow Atomic - Gamma Green

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ProAiir™ airbrush face and body painting makeup glides effortlessly through the brush at a low PSI. It offers long-lasting wear and a comfortable feel.

The "Atomic" shades dry with a striking and lively appearance. When applied in natural light, these colors appear opaque with a neon-like brilliance. In the presence of black lights, the Atomic colors react to UV and emit a vibrant glow.

The Neon Day Glow Atomic Colors include Gamma Green, Radiation Red, Biohazard Blue, Uranium Yellow, Plutonium Pink, and Isotope Orange. You have the option to purchase Atomic colors a variety of sizes in sets or individual bottles.

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