Mehron Squirt Blood-Mehron-extrememakeupfx
Mehron Squirt Blood-Mehron-extrememakeupfx

Mehron Squirt Blood

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This quality Squirt Blood is water based, not sticky syrup, and is available in dark venous and bright arterial colors to be used in tubing or appliances for special effect performance work. 

Performance Squirt Blood has many applications but it is an especially great product for gushing blood effects. Use as
 prop blood for stage, screen, video and television. Use in tubing to for gushing wounds or in fountains for your haunted house.

Mehron's Squirt Blood is water based, that will dry, yet is easily removed from skin, hair and costumes.

Squirt blood is water-based fake blood that looks and behaves like real blood. Will dry, but created especially for gushing or spurting effects using tubing for wounds or even fountains for haunted houses or Halloween effects. Created to mimic blood in every way, including how it acts when soaking through clothing. Can be removed by warm water and soap. Pre-test fabrics to prevent permanent staining on clothing. Edible in small quantities, so can be used in blood capsules, but stage blood is recommended for that.
Dark venous blood is perfect for flowing tubes or I.V. Bags. Bright arterial is good for fresh gushing wounds

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