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Luer Lock Bottle for Glitter Tattoo Adhesive - Henna - Henna Glam - Nail Art

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This versatile 1/2 oz bottle is a must-have for artists of all kinds. With its applicator tops and three size 22 tips, it offers endless possibilities. Whether you're applying henna, henna glam, jagua, or acrylic body adhesive, or working on props this bottle has got you covered.

What sets this bottle apart is its convenience. It's perfect for new artists or those who experience hand fatigue or pain and prefer not to use rolled cellophane cones. The bottle comes with a secure lid for a solid closure, ensuring that your materials stay fresh and ready for use.

The long-lasting needle tips are easy to clear of glue with a simple fine floral wire, and we recommend using fabric silk pins for cleaning. For added convenience, the tips can be soaked in alcohol for thorough cleaning, although we advise against storing them in the solvent.

To ensure optimal performance, fill the bottle and tap it down to release any air bubbles. You'll be amazed at how much this 1/2 oz bottle can hold, generally accommodating an additional .25 oz. Whether you're working with prosthetic appliances or creating props, this bottle is ready to be filled with your choice of ProsAide or an Acrylic Body Adhesive.

Its size 22 tips provide precision and control, allowing you to bring your artistic vision to life. Don't miss out on this essential tool for your craft.

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