Graftobian Blood Collection

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So cool try this variety of Blood products and find what you love...... oh wait you're gonna love them all.  The kit from Graftobian comes with -Stage Blood -Blood Paste - Blood Gel and -Blood Powder.

  • Stage Blood: Stage Blood is a fresh blood color, a bright red, water-based blood that has the same consistency and color of real blood. It dries and crusts up with a brown tint like real blood.  The consistency is that of a slow-dripping syrup. For squirting effects, add water until you get the desired look and consistency. Stage blood is safe for use in the mouth.
  • Blood Gel: Blood Gel is a deep red, glycerin-based blood that never dries, giving the look of constantly oozing, wet, thick blood. Use this type of blood when you need the look of continuously bleeding wounds.
  • Blood Paste: Blood Paste is a firm, deep red blood you can smear into a wound. It looks and remains wet but won't drip. Trowel it into wounds or fill cavities in moulage or gore makeup. Apply to wide areas with a stipple sponge for splattered blood effects.
  • Magic Blood Powder: This is a water-activated powder that is invisible when applied, even up close. But when it comes in contact with water, blood "magically" appears! For whipping effects, dust Magic Blood Powder over an area of skin. Whip lightly with wet yarn, towel, rag, etc. Draw a wet better knife across the powdered skin to make slashing effects. To create a "road rash" effect, lightly spritz powdered skin with water. Also, mix a little with water to make splash blood. Wash it off easily with bar soap and water.

Like all FX Blood Products: Test in an inconspicuous area before use. Products may stain fabrics.