Glitter Sweeper Brush - Unicorn
Glitter Sweeper Brush - Unicorn

Glitter Sweeper Brush - Unicorn

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Embrace your inner fairy princess! We all know that as much as we love to sparkle there are those times when we need a bit of help to tidy up. This brush is absolutely perfect for Glitter Artists who want to effortlessly sweep up glitter while having a blast. Say hello to the Unicorn Brush, your new best friend!

Standing at approximately 3" tall from neck to ears, this delightful unicorn in a shining violent blend of color also boasts a magical 1/2" horn. Its bristles are a mix of vibrant colors, velvety soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to sweep up every sparkle in sight. With a length of just over 2 1/2" along the neck, a height of 1", and a width of 3/4", this brush is truly a magical companion.

Add this brush to make your Glitter Tattoo Business the most fun in town.

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