Glitter Loose - Brillant Metallic Colors - 1/2 oz Poof Bottle - Silver
Glitter Loose Metallic 1/2 ounce Bottle - Extreme Makeup FX

Glitter Loose - Brillant Metallic Colors - 1/2 oz Poof Bottle - Silver

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Simply stunning Brilliant glitter for glitter tattoos. Our loose cosmetic grade glitter, available in a stunning array of rich opaque metallic colors, is simply the best choice for creating sparkling glitter tattoos. With its complete coverage, you can effortlessly achieve the most magnificent designs.

Brilliant colors are great too for nail art. And they can also be used in face an body painting as well as creating amazing body art pieces. many face painter do prefer to use more translucent colors for face art, which is one reason you do not see white included in the set of Brilliant colors. White glitter does not apply as opaque and while it works in glitter tattoos metallic are the first choice for complete coverage and the best looking tattoos.

This Silver Glitter comes in a 1/2 oz applicator bottle for easy application. Whether you're "poofing", pouring or applying it directly with a brush for tattoos, our versatile glitter will exceed your expectations.

This is cosmetic grade glitter, yes there is a difference. With the surge in resin crafts glitter is abundantly for sale. Please do nut be tempted of fooled into buying just any glitter. We sale only skin safe cosmetic glitter.

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