gliter gel in special sispensing squeeze bottle for glitter gel refills
Glitter Gel Base

Glitter Gel Base

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Our remarkable Glitter Gel Base, specially designed to provide a clear and safe foundation for your skin and hair. Whether you want to revive your glitter gels after extended use or create your own unique formulations, this is the perfect solution for you.

Find this gel on popular sites calling it “Glitter Glue”.  This now because Gel will adhere glitters to skin or hair in a sense glueing it to you. This is gel not glue per se. For actual body glue our skin safe body adhesives. 

Unlike any other, our Glitter Gel Base comes in a convenient tapered container that allows for easy dispensing, eliminating the hassle of scooping from a jar. 

Clear and thick with a generous amount of aloe vera at 4 ounces you'll have plenty to work with.

Prepare to ignite your creativity and sparkle with a newfound brilliance!

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