Fixation Primer - Extreme Makeup FX
Fixation Primer - Extreme Makeup FX
Fixation Primer - Extreme Makeup FX

Fixation Primer Neutral Beige

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This amazing eye shadow primer that will take your eye makeup game to the next level! Say goodbye to creasing and hello to vibrant, long-lasting color. Fization primer is specially formulated to adhere loose eye shadow and glitters to your eyelids, giving you a true un-muted color payoff. And the best part? It's free from parabens and other questionable ingredients, so you can feel confident about what you're putting on your skin.

To use, simply dab the primer onto your eyelid or apply it with a brush. Then, gently dab your loose powders over the primer. Don't be afraid to experiment a little to find the perfect amount of product for your desired intensity. Remember, too much product can lead to creasing, so a little goes a long way!

We offer our primer in two versatile shades: Neutral Beige and White. This Neutral Beige shade is a great option for darker cosmetics, darker skin tones, or for a more natural makeup look.  The White shade is perfect for lighter colored or neon cosmetics, as well as those with fair skin tones. Rest assured, both shades will work beautifully for most people, so you can choose the one that suits your style and preferences.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of your eye shadows and achieve a stunning foil effect with our eye shadow primer. Experience true color payoff and long-lasting wear like never before. Upgrade your eye makeup routine and let your eyes shine with brilliance!

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