flase finger nails in long point and blunt ends for claws in body art, nail art and cosplay
magazine cove featuring body art by sweet loretta shows long claw finger nails on moth like male model

False Nails - Extra Long Stiletto Pointed End Nails

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Looking to make a bold statement with your nails? Look no further! These nails are absolutely breathtaking and will bring a touch of drama to any look. With their unique design featuring extra long pointed ends, they are just waiting for you to unleash your creativity and create something truly amazing.

These nails come in a natural color and you'll receive a pack of 10, perfect for all your decorating needs. Whether you want to paint them with vibrant polish, airbrush them with intricate designs, or even cover them with water-activated face paint for a quick and one-of-a-kind look, the possibilities are endless. Or add some dazzling gems, sparkling glitter, or shiny foil to really make them stand out. You're the artist, after all!

Wait sparkles not your thing? These sharp nails make great claws.

So why wait? Embrace your boldness and get these nails now to elongate your body art, enhance your cosplay, or simply add a touch of flair to your everyday style. The longest nail measures approximately 3.5", giving you the perfect length to make a statement. Get ready to showcase your artistic side.

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