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Practice Mats & Work Mats

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Looking to improve your curls and swirls, dragons, or roses.

These mats are perfect for honing your line work and brush strokes, as well as practicing cheek art and creating full faces. They provide ample space for repetitive strokes and are ideal for full face and arm designs, as well as belly and back art.

Additionally, they are great for messy projects like working with spilt cakes, glitter cream containers, and face and body art bling. Makeup artists will also appreciate these mats for keeping surfaces clean from blood, waxes, and makeup.

They are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and can be hung to dry. Measuring 12"x15" and flexible, they can be rolled up for convenient storage

You do not need an oversized face for practice you need a surface. Compare the cost and get painting. 

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