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Wolfe Yellow Sponges -  Full Round 12 Pack

Wolfe Yellow Sponges - Full Round 12 Pack

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Wolfe FX and Face Art high-quality sponges are specially designed for water activated cake makeup, face and body painting, and general FX shop use. These open-cell sponges are perfect for picking up pigments and achieving vibrant colors on the skin while using less makeup. Unlike denser sponges, they absorb less water initially, giving you better control over the water content in your paints.

Wolfe FX sponges have a springy texture similar to  providing the perfect balance between softness and control. This particular open cell design is great for stippling textures and adding highlights on creatures, monster and animal designs.

Unlike other face painting sponges, this Yellow Sponge is sold as a full round sponge, ensuring you have ample material for your artistic needs. Many artists prefer to cut the sponge in half for easy contouring and picking up more makeup. With one sponge, you essentially get two sponges with four exposed edges, making it ideal for using multiple colors.

These sponges are by far the most durable sponges on the market lasting you a lifetime of face painting experiences. Great for haunted attractions as these cost effective sponges can take a beating and last year season after season.

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