ENCORE VERSA Iridescent and Metallic colors of Alcohol Activated Makeup for Bridal Henna and Glitter Tattoos

ENCORE VERSA Alcohol Activated Makeup - Iridescent/Metallic Palette

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ENCORE VERSA, created by European Body Art, is a fantastic mid-size palette that is absolutely perfect for Alcohol Activated makeup looks. This palette is not only stack-able, but also magnetic, making it incredibly convenient for packing and traveling.
The Iridescent and metallic colors in this palette have a stunning high shine and shimmer, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Whether for a bride looking for that perfect touch of elegance, or for everyday Henna and White Glam looks, these colors will not disappoint.
They also work wonders when it comes to adding dazzling details to Glitter Tattoos.
One of the standout features of this makeup is its durability. It is both water and sweat resistant, ensuring that your masterpiece will stay put for several days. This is especially important for events or occasions where you need your makeup to last.

For the best results, we highly recommend activating this makeup with EBA FUEL. This activator is specifically designed for ENCORE and will give you a smooth application and opaque results. It also helps the makeup work up more quickly compared to using IOS Alcohol. If you don't have EBA FUEL on hand, you can use 91-99% alcohol to activate the makeup as well.

What's even better is that the color selections in this palette perfectly complement EBA's airbrush makeups, such as the alcohol-based ENDURA and the water-based VODA. When used together, they create a beautiful hybrid effect that is sure to turn heads.

So why wait? Get this ENCORE VERSA palette and let your creativity soar with its versatile and stunning colors.

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