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EMFX - Black Sponges - Half Circle Four Pack

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These are great sponges for everyday face and body art. Whether you have quick birthday parties or a long day of festival work these sponges will work for you.\

They have a nice firmness to reduce hand fatigue while remaining soft on the face. They pick up, hold, and apply high pigment face paints efficiently, ensuring a full coverage finish every time.

The half circle or half moon design, gives you a sharp edge for edgy contours, and the rounded back side allows for smooth blending. If desired they can be cut, trimmed and contoured easily to meet your needs.

A must for professionals these black color sponges look great in your kit, keeping it with a nice, clean look. 

These wonderful sponges are sold in packs of 4 Sponge Halves. Be sure to stock up at this price.

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