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Liquid waterproof face paint in metallic colors

DIPS - Liquid Hybrid Paint - Dazzle Silver

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DIPS Dazzle is a stunning shimmer makeup that is not only water resistant and durable, but also perfect for performance entertainers, cosplay enthusiasts, nightclub-goers, dancers, and festival attendees.

Experience the magic of this dazzling metallic brush-on colors! With just a brush stroke, you can create brilliant effects that accentuate all your body art designs.

While DIPS is naturally thick, you can easily adjust its consistency by using ProLong or 99% alcohol. ProLong not only enhances the viscosity of the makeup but also extends its working time. You can apply it directly to your skin or layer it over classic face paints and airbrush makeup.

Rest assured, our DIPS makeup is safe for your skin and can be applied near your eyes and on your lips. When it's time to remove it, simply use liquid soap, baby oil, or makeup remover.

Each bottle contains 1 oz (30 ml) of makeup and comes with a convenient cap lid and twist top squirt for easy application.

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