EMFX- Black Petal Sponges - Two Pack
EMFX- Black Petal Sponges - Two Pack

EMFX- Black Petal Sponges - Two Pack

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Experience the ease of using our petal-shaped sponges and transform your face painting routine!

With their high density and open cell structure, these sponges are ideal for enhancing your face and body art. Without fail they effortlessly pick up, hold, and apply high pigment face painting makeup with precision.

Not only do they come in a sleek black color that cleverly hides any stains, but they also keep your kit looking clean. Whether you want to create a vibrant rainbow of colors in a single stroke or achieve a mesmerizing butterfly wings, these sponges have you covered.

Each pack contains two of these incredible Petal Sponges. Not all face painting sponges are created equal – some are rougher and smaller. You'll be delighted with these sponges as they are soft to the touch and just the right size.

Grab a pack today and unlock a whole new level of sponge fun and perfection!

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