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Acrylic Artist's Clear Mixing Palette

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This essential transparent acrylic palette is so helpful. Equipped with a convenient thumb hold and a sturdy steel spatula, it opens up a world of possibilities.

This versatile palette proves invaluable for nail art and gem work. It effortlessly handles small gems, sticky tools, and mixing mediums with ease.

The accompanying stainless steel spatula is a game-changer. It ensures that not a single bit of glitter gel or creams goes to waste, allowing you to transfer and utilize every last drop from the jar.  And the spatula is perfect for re-potting face paints or creating split cakes.

This palette is good for keeping things clean. So important when working on multiple faces, or really just your own. Kit your kit clean. Depot waxes for FX or drag makeup. Have a variety of lipsticks at hand when doing  beauty looks. It just makes things easier, and helps you adhere to professional standards. You will use it countless times. 

With dimensions of approximately 4" x 6", this affordable, palette is the perfect size for all your artistic endeavors.

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