3D Gel Gelatin Effects for FX Makeup Clear Color 2 oz bottle by Mehron in the USA sold by Extreme Makeup FX EMFX Store

3D Gel Effects Bottles Clear

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Incredible 3D Gel is hassle-free Special Effects Makeup is a game-changer. With three vibrant colors, you can effortlessly melt them down for direct skin applications or let your creativity run wild and sculpt them into any shape you desire. The best part? You can even pour and mold them for ultimate customization! And the cherry on top? This product is reusable, making it an absolute steal for the price.

Whether you're getting ready for Halloween or any other occasion, this 3D Gel is safe for all ages and perfect for creating realistic melting faces, burns, wounds, and various other injuries. But that's not all! Body painters will fall in love with this versatile gel as they can mold intricate designs like flowers and much more. Just imagine the stunning 3D leaves on Poison Ivy or delicate seashells on a mesmerizing mermaid. Cosplay enthusiasts will also appreciate this gel, as it adds that extra touch of perfection to your character.

Not only is the 3D Gel incredibly versatile, but it's also super easy to use and sets up in a flash. You can even tint it to your desired color using face paints or acrylic paint, giving you endless possibilities for your special effects creations. So why wait? Unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life with the remarkable 3D Gel!

Please note that melting the 3D Gel in the microwave is not recommended. When you purchase the Gel, we provide our own EMFXStore tip and Instruction Sheet to ensure you achieve great results.

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