wolfe fx face paint in metallic rose color in a clear medium jar

Wolfe FX Hydrocolor - Metallix Rose 45 Gram

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Professional face painters worldwide highly regard Wolfe face paints for their exceptional quality. These paints are known for their vibrant colors, long-lasting effects, and user-friendly application. Wolfe Face Art and FX face paint makeup is conveniently available in professional sizes making it a top choice among face painting professionals. 

The Wolfe face paint range of Metallix colors offer a stunning level of shimmer and shine, allowing you to achieve the perfect amount of sparkle in your creations.  This makeup is not too soft like many metallic and shimmer brands on the market making it am excellent choice for beautiful strokes. And its just right consistency makes is blend flawlessly.

The image does not do this color justice. Metallix Rose, the ultimate shimmer face paint, is perfect for creating feminine looks inspired by roses, butterflies, eye designs, and princess vibes. Enhance its beauty by pairing it with Metallix White or create a stunning effect by blending Metallic Yellow and Orange. Get ready to turn heads with dazzling and extravagant looks that will leave everyone amazed!

These paints can be easily activated with water using a sponge or brush. Simply wet the makeup and work it into a creamy liquid-like consistency using a sponge or brush. This versatility allows you to use it as a base or for detailed line work, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity.

Whether you're a professional face painter or someone who enjoys with extreme beauty makeup looks, Wolfe face paints are ideal for you.

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