Simply Glitter Cream -  Neon Orange Butterfly

Simply Glitter Cream - Neon Orange Butterfly

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Simply Glitter Glitter Cream in a limited edition color just in time for packing your 2024 Kit. perfect for bright Face Painting. 

This is a Vibrant Chunky Glitter in a Cream Base for extreme makeup, festival looks and face painting. Glitter Cream unlike glitter gel can go on top of face paint.

Simply Glitter Cream has more mid and fine range glitter sizes that popular brands on the market, this means instead of seeing a bit of translucent cream you see glitter. Simply stunning effects.

A full packed 10 ml jar of bright neon Orange with Orange Butterflies. Yes, this is UV reactive and will glow under black lights.

Note that the FDA has designated Chunky Glitter is not for use close to eyes, meaning this is not for use on eyelids. Eye Designs as defined by the face fainting industry are around the eye, on cheeks and foreheads designs are safe use.


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