Zombie Skin Hypos-extrememakeupfx-extrememakeupfx
Zombie Skin Hypos-extrememakeupfx-extrememakeupfx
Zombie Skin Hypos - Extreme Makeup FX

Zombie Skin Hypos

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Zombie Skin in easy to use Hypo Pens for easy and creative applications.

Zombie Skin is an an emulsified late product for on skin FX Makeup Applications. Ammonia free latex with the consistency of whipped butter it's easy to use and fun to create ripped and hanging skin makeup effects. It can be used alone for cuts, gashes, wounds, bites, claw marks, plaster bandage effect...... the rest is up to your imagination. 

Zombie Skin can also be used to blend prosthetic edges on foam latex, latex, silicone, netting and clothing. Zombie skin when used by body painters can cover nipples and help tack down and blend panty lines. 

Zombie skin is fast drying, much quicker than liquid latex. Latex products encapsulate hair and can really grip body hairs. Removal is made easy by using shaving cream. We worked it over and between the zombie skin and actor's skin to looses the hold. 

Hypos increase shelf life and use life. Exposing only what you use to air. Latex products are affected by air exposure. These are perfect for use now and again at Halloween - Great for actors

Please contact us directly for 2 oz Hypos.

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