Coarse Stipple Sponge

Coarse Stipple Sponge

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This Kryolan rough-textured stipple sponge with open pores that is the ultimate tool for enhancing your makeup looks.

Face Art artists swear by this sponge as it allows them to quickly create beard effects and textures on a wide variety of creatures, ranging from majestic full-face dragons to adorable TRex dinosaurs. By gently dabbing face paint onto the skin, you can achieve intricate patterns and add depth to your designs. 

FX Makleup Artists use this sponge to create realistic blood effects.  This stipple sponge is great with Fresh Scratch, Blood Gel and Blood Paste. It makes fantastic scrapes and scratches, and wound textures. It it perfect to textured effects.

This is a big chunky sponge, yet at 1.9" x 2.3' x 1.5" it fits comfortably in your hand, but it is also large enough to handle any task effortlessly.  And if you need smaller pieces, you can easily cut the sponge to cater to your specific needs. This durable sponge washes up well.



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