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ProLong Extender Dips Solids Activator - 4.2 oz

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ProLong is an amazing liquid agent that can be used for multiple tasks. As a working artist, it's fantastic to have one product that can fulfill various needs.

When working in hot environments, liquid ProAiir tends to evaporate and may thicken. But don't worry, just add a few drops of ProLong to re-hydrate your hybrid airbrush makeup and Liquid DIPS.

If you're using DIPS Solids, ProLong is exactly what you need to activate the hybrid cake makeup. Since ProLong is alcohol-based, it ensures bacteria-free makeup. Plus, no makeup will go to waste as the ProLong evaporates and your makeup returns to its solid form.

You can also use ProLong as a barrier spray misted over your finished work. It works perfectly with ProAiir or even water-based cake makeups.

If you're looking to enhance your work or create extreme beauty makeup, ProLong can be used as a mixing liquid with micas and powders, transforming them into a liquid working state.

With ProLong, all your bases are covered. It can be used as a barrier spray, mixing liquid, thinner, and extender. It's truly a versatile product with many uses. And now, you'll have more space in your kit!

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