EBA Endura - Alcohol Airbrush Makeup - Primary 6 pack - 4 oz
EBA Endura - Alcohol Airbrush Makeup - Primary 6 pack - 4 oz

EBA Endura - Alcohol Airbrush Makeup - Primary 6 pack - 4 oz

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Oh how we love Endura Airbrush Makeup. This alcohol-based makeup is just what you want and need for vibrant temporary tattoos or for FX makeup over appliances and for working actors.

Endura is durable and flows smoothly from your airbrush with clogging. The colors are rich and vibrant and will not crack after application. It is very opaque and will layer nicely. Perfect for fast-paced events as this makeup is quick-drying, virtually on contact. Apply a temporary tattoo and by the time the guest sees their design it is dry. No need for powders or concern of transfer.

Endura is water-proof making this makeup the number one choice for temporary tattoos. Perfect for festivals, concerts, company picnics. grad nights, school events and even kids parties. A must have for events with water.

Ready to use direct from the bottle.It can even be used with sponge or brush.

Because of all Endura's attributes a little goes a long way. There is no waste with Endura. You will not find yourself tossing out partially used bottles as often happens some hybrids making this makeup in comparison cost-effective.

Endura can be thinned and easily removed. Use EBA Tranzluz to thin Endura, or some artists use 99% alcohol.

Remove Endura with EBA Vapore or Unveil makeup removers, or with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Most makeup remover wipes and removers work well to remove tattoos.

Since Endura is vibrant and colorful, and it stays put with temporary tattoo designs able to last for days and it is easy for guest to remove after a weekend or fun day of play is is the top choice for you.

And Endura pairs in colors perfectly with Voda, EBA's water-based makeup. So you can offer airbrush face-painting, hair-painting and event temporary tattoos in one setting.

Pack includes: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

Sold as individually in a wide selection of colors.

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