Stencils for Face Painting

Fairy Wishes Airbrush Tattoo Stencil

Stencils for face painting are all the rage. It seems with Cricut upgrading it’s home crafter cutter to be able to cut thicker materials and with lots of at home time and a bit of PPP funding every face paint shop has their own stencils.

As those who know me will attest I am always in the crows nest when it comes to ideas and innovations and yet never one to jump right in making those innovations come to fruition for mass selling. I have given away many ideas that others are profiting from both financially and in the face art community. 

I have been cutting my company’s stencils since about 2008. Since I hade a big professional cutter I have been able to cut thick Mylar for some time. And cutting own own glitter line was easy, but I detest putting on the transfer layer. 

In 2019 we jumped back into Glitter Tattoos fully. And I quickly learned just how improperly sized and frankly not great looking most of the pre made designs on the market are. And having tired of my now old pro cutter I was ready to make my own glitter stencils for our company.

I had plenty of  airbrush designs we use and plenty more we do not. With some editing I made us a line of glitter designs. Simply Stencils have been designs with the professional and DIY artist in mind. Small These means both complex designs and easy. To launch we have kept off eye on easier designs, editing to ensure small and thin bits do not disappear in the design, ans most importantly that they fit. 

Far too many glitter stencils and the market today are too big for children and youth, the primary market for glitter tattoo use. 
I mean really it’s an eight year old who will be sporting a mermaid glitter tattoos for a week before a 32 year old. Simply Stencils can be ordered in stock sizes made to fit kids to adults of varied sizes. 

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