Prepare To Get Back To Work - Face Painting After COVID

Yes, we are going to get back to work. And people are going to need some fun, Lot's of fun. So what do you need to get going again?

You are I am sure prepared to wipe, wash and distance as needed, but what about supplies. Your paints have sat for a year with little use and they do age and dry out. Fresh cakes matter. Dried cakes tend to stain more and take more effort to activate for both brush work and sponges when laying own bases. Buy new cakes, at the least replace your most used colors.

And how about sponges. Looks like the American painters are joining the Canadians in using one sponge per person. The cleanest way to paint faces has always been to use one sponge per person. Now it will become industry standard. Stock up on new clean sponges. No one wants to see you pull a dirty, used sponge from your kit. Oh the joy of a sponge with a bit of bounce. Plus all the new smaller sponges make painting faces easier. And easier to transport and pack with you.

Brushes may not require you to have one person but you should have enough of each kind to rotate thru a sanitizing rinse. While one brush is soaking, one brush can be drying and you still have one in you hand for painting. Take a look at your favorites, you most used brushes and stock up. For a petal brush you may need two or three, for a good #4 round it may be 3 to 4 brushes. And to glean out all those foofy brushes you don't really use or need.

You can still pack light and enhance your hygiene protocols. It will make you sleep better knowing you have done all you can do to reduce illness while increasing you marketability and profit margins.

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