Major Updates, New Prodcuts and a New Look

So we have been sorely lagging in really getting to our store and updating it.  Sure perhaps we could have done more during the pandemic crisis, but event then life just did not allow this. Just as the pandemic crisis hit I broke my shoulder and that really stalled our efforts. Post pandemic crisis our entertainment company has just been working non-stop. As one can image folks were and are ready for some fun.

Finally as 2024 is coming at us fast we are getting to our store and we want to thank those loyal customers who muddled though our store and shopped with us and just contacted us direct to find what they needed.

We are not the Amazon of face paint and body art or FX makeup stores but we value our customers and have a core value to not gouge you with pricing. Sometimes we are shocked by supply costs to face and body painters. Yes everything is more expensive and everyone has a signature line but....

We stock the basics and hope you notice our fair prices. Stay with us there is more to come.

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