Just For Clowns Summit 2023

Thank you to Leslie Ann at Just For Clowns Magazine for having me to the 2023 Summit. I started out rocky and was a bit frazzles for having my camera not working at the start. My apology for not painting more. Here are some tips for Painting Fast Easter and Spring Designs

  • Plan Out, Practice and Curate the Designs
  • Keep it Simple
  • Curate your Paint Colors, and Take and Limit Supplies to what you Use at the Gig
  • Use light colors pastels
  • Avoid Black and use Wolfe Face Paints in Dark Blue, Dark Green, Plum and Bruise aka Raspberry for outlines
  • Use Stencils for Fast Filler
  • Use small Split Cakes for Easy Rainbows

Here's a fast face - not yet flushed out, I wanted to see how the flowers fit along her cheek. After adding the little Ladybug I see where I may make changes. Perhaps that area has filler, background from a stencil and the Ladybug goes atop the upper flower........... so many options. Make it your own by playing with the design on your practice head.

Here are a few of the designs I paint at Easter -

  • Pastel Butterfly
  • Ladybug Love
  • Sweet Bees
  • Floral Swirls
  • Smiley Face Daisy
  • Smiley Face Bee
  • Rainbow n Bunny Tacks
  • Add you own spin on spring face art


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