Halloween Cancelled? No Way, 2020 Halloween Is On Its Way

Halloween 2020 will like many things this year be different. But it will be here and we are excited. This year Halloween is on a Saturday and with a full moon. Halloween enthusiasts are itching to get ready. How about you?

What new makeup look do you want to try?  Now is a great time to start practicing with SFX makeup. Some effects do take a bit of practice but you too can master many products and create amazing effects.

Need some help please just ask we are always happy to help.

We are currently adding new DVDs by The Stan Winston School of Character Arts these DVDS are a wealth of information, tips and tricks by the top master artists in the film and FX industry. Just what any artist can use.

Until we are up-to-date, which will be Sept 15th, check out www.stanwinstonschool.com for trailers and a few free mini courses.

Come back and purchase any DVD at 15% off with CODE SWSCA20


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