Back to Business Fall 2022

After a long hiatus we are getting back to the business of selling face art makeup and supplies. Please bear with us as our inventory controls will not be 100% until Halloween. We are busy adding new stock and new products. We have catered to many doing FX makeup and value our haunt customers. As the pandemic has rolled over us our requests for supplies by face painters has risen. In particular the request for quality glitter supplies. To that end we have upgraded our large format plotter and a new cutter is busy in production for body art stencils. Our first order is glitter stencils, while we still do produce a large line of airbrush tattoo stencils. We will get these designs on line as we find our stencils sized more properly than many and will offer both glitter and airbrush tattoos stencils in multiple sizes. W will offer classic designs love by many as well as new fresh designs. We hope you will find them useful and profitable as a working professional.

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