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Zombie Skin-extrememakeupfx-extrememakeupfx

Zombie Skin

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Zombie-Skin is an emulsified ammonia free latex with the consistency of whipped butter. It can be used alone for cuts, gashes, wounds, bites, claw marks, plaster bandage effect......you have ideas and with Zombie Skin you can create what you imagine. 

Use our nice stainless steel spatula or a similar tool blend prosthetic edges use on foam latex, latex appliances, silicone wounds, even clothing. Zombie-Skin when used in body art applications can cover nipples and tack down and blend panty lines. 

Zombie Skin has been used for body painting, in fx makeup and even on horror TV shows. Countless haunted attractions depend on Zombie Skin for fast drying, easy to apply applications. Perfect for cosplay.

A scab blood looks great under Zombie Skin. Covers nicely with airbrush makeup and cake makeups.

We recommend using a sweat barrier as with any appliance or prosthetic application when used on skin that tends to sweat under performance applications.