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The Power Jet Pro with its dual regulators is the top choice for working artists. It is easy to move from job to job and has a nice upscale look. It offers studio quite sound for working around models, customers and in professional environments. The dual regulator feature offers the ability to run varied PSI. Easy for face as well as body applications or to use matte and metallic makeups at the same time. And easy to have two or more working artists. This powerful compressor will run a 6 or 8 airbrushes for airbrush tattoos or a line of actors no problem.

Featuring the powerful twin-pump, 1/6 Hp motor, the Power Jet Pro compressor is equipped with twice the features of the Power Jet Lite like two air pressure regulators for precise adjustment of airflow at two individual workstations making it easy for single use with two pressure settings or for two artists.

Built with Iwata’s Smart Technology, it automatically shuts off when not in use. Economically priced, the Power Jet Pro has a 2 liter tank reservoir and delivers all the power necessary for use with the high-paint-flow, multi-purpose Iwata Eclipse airbrush and the new Eclipse G6 pistol grip airbrush. Like all Iwata Studio Series compressors, the Power Jet Pro comes complete with an air hose and adapters so it can hook up to any brand of airbrush.

· 2 liter air storage tank
· Zero pulsation
· Air reserve for spraying at higher air pressures
· Typically, stored-air normally cools, which is better for maximum moisture separation
· DUAL Adjustable pressure regulators
· DUAL Moisture filters
· DUAL Mounted pressure gauges
· DUAL Quick disconnect ports
· DUAL Built-in airbrush holders
· Strong protective outer case
· Size: 13 x 9 x 7 in. (33 x 23 x 18 cm)
· Weight 26.5 lbs. (11.9 kgs)
· Smart Jet Technology
· 2X Sprint Jet Power

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