SNAP Airbrush Tattoo Stencils

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Creating great looking Airbrush Tattoos are a snap with easy to use Snap Stencils. These clear stencils allow you to easily see just where the tattoo is being placed. Easy placement on your customer allows for faster and cleaner designs. Quicker designs means more money in your pocket.

Snap Stencils come in five design sizes to fit all your customer child, tween, teen, adult and adultXL. Most all designs are offered in three sizes, others may be just the smaller sizes and some larger. You may request any size, with an additional shipping time of 2 days.

Prices Vary by design size and complexity.

  • Child=Small: 1.5-1.8"
  • Tween=Medium: 1.9-2.4
  • Teen=Medium/Large: 2-3"
  • Adult=Large: 3-4.5"
  • AdultXL=Extra Large: 4-7"