Glitter Glaze Face & Body Paint Kit

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 Glitter Glaze Face & Body Paint for high sparkle glitter face painting and body art designs. Glitter Glaze is glitter paint that can be applied to the skin using a brush. This gel based product and is great for creating large focal shapes such as fill and teardrops (not good for outlining). And Glitter Glaze and be outlined with face paint, alcohol-activated makeups or airbrush without waiting for it to dry.

Glitter Glaze is very vibrant and holographic in nature and offers solid glitter coverage making it ideal for creating bold glittery designs or as an accent to a  design.
It can be used as an accent over face and body paints, or for super sparkle just use Glitter Glaze instead of paint.

Dries in 5-10 minutes depending on thickness.
For best results, use filbert brush to apply. If too thick simply mist with water and mix to get a working consistency you prefer.

Remove with soap and water.

Glitter Glaze is made in the U.S.A. using cosmetic grade FDA compliant glitters and gel. Not tested on animals.

Kit includes: Ten Glitter Glaze Jars 1oz (30ml) each and an Art Factory Filbert Brush.