Face & Body Painting Sponges

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Durable, long wearing sponges for use with high pigment face and body painting water activated cake makeup and general FX shop use.

These open-cell sponges pick up the pigments and allow your to use less makeup, while achieving the greatest depth of color on the skin. They also tend initially to pick up less water than more dense sponges, this allows greater control over just how much water you want in your face and body paints.

Most face painting artists cut the sponge in half, the exposed edge allows for easy contours and for picking up a greater amount of the makeup. In this way one sponge purchased is really two sponges for painting with four exposed edges. A must when using several colors.

These are not soft like similar looking potter sponges but have more spring exactly like Wolfe sponges.

We offer them in a Practical Pack of six and a Professional Pack of 12 sponges.