Creature Costume Basics
Creature Costume Basics

Creature Costume Basics

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Every monster needs a killer costume, but where to start? Learn creature costume basics with master FX fabricators Dawn Dininger & Amy Whetsel. Perfect for the beginning cosplayer, Halloween enthusiast, and experienced costume maker alike, this lesson is packed with tips and tricks you can use to start creating DIY wardrobe for your characters with affordable and accessible materials.

  • Zombie Wardrobe Weathering
  • Mummy Under Suit Techniques, Aging & "Nurnies"
  • DIY Werewolf Costume - Fur Neck, Sleeves & Feet
  • Quick & Easy Fat Suit
  • Fabric Armor
  • Constructing a Vampire (or Superhero) Cape
  • Patterning a Witch's Hat

Dawn Dininger whos credits include Wolverine, Tron: Legacy.

Amy Whetsel whos credits include Jurassic Park 3, The Edge.

Approximate Runtime - 06:03:38