Eye Blood

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Eye drops produce blood-shot, jaundiced or gouged eye effects. EyeBlood can also run from the eyes for bloody or black tears, and pus looking effects. . Black for vampires, death, ghosts and dark creatures red for all around fear factor and gore. Yellow makes for great walking dead zombies, swamp creatures and infected creeps. A great effect for Haunted Attractions, actors can meet the makeup crew for a refresh or keep this in their pocket to easily add more drops.

Red drops have the most intense color and due to its increased popularity it goes out of stock often.

Black followed by Yellow are the next most popular colors.

Comes also in Green and Blue, great for swamp monsters, sea creatures and frozen or white walker looks. Please email for special ordering of these colors.

Not for use with contact lenses, for many this makes a good special effects alternative to wearing fx lenses.

Labeled for Professional Use. Comes in glass bottle with glass eye dropper.

EyeBlood does have a limited shelf life it must be used within 30 days of opening.

Effect remains visible for 10-30 minutes. 

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