Iwata Braided Hose

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Iwata offers the perfect hose for airbrushing. Nice long textile covered braided hoses are made to last for years of use. 
The metal fittings are screwed-in as well as crimped on for leak-free performance and have an added O-ring to prevent air leakage. These hoses are extremely flexible and durable, made to last.

  • BT10 or BT20) Ten or Twenty foot hose has 1/8" end to screw directly onto airbrush (or added quick connect) and a 1/4" end fitting to connect directly to compressor or manifold.
  • BT40) Ten foot hose as 1/4" fitting to attach to a compressor, the opposite end has a QD Adapter fitting to fit directly into an airbrush.
  • BT50) Ten foot hose has 1/4" fittings on both ends of the hose for connecting directly to compressors or manifolds.

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